Monday, May 25, 2009

Ending Free Legal Services

Wisconsin Guardianship Support Center proponents say the proposed elimination of the center on June 30 would reduce access to legal guidance on guardianship, powers of attorney and rights of elderly/disabled persons. Barron County Aging and Disability Resource Center Director Charlene Oftedahl finds the WGSC's services convenient.

Besides offering a free hotline and training, the center's quarterly newsletter, "The Guardian," answers commonly asked questions about elderly issues. When the county needs to initiate guardianship, Oftedahl refers cases to Register in Probate Deanne Alsbury, who in turn directs questions to the WGSC's hotline.

Alsbury: "It was such a nice service to have. I'm very sad that this is going on. They're a big advocate for the ward, the people who can't protect themselves."

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Free legal counseling on elderly issues could be the next loss if Gov. Jim Doyle's proposed budget passes


Anonymous said...

"When the county needs to initiate a guardianship..." hits me the wrong way.

Perhaps it was just a bad choice of words, but it looked to me like the word "needs" really means "wants".

Anonymous said...

If these free legal services did truly advocate for wards, it's a loss.

Anonymous said...

This might be the best thing that ever happened to the elderly in Wisconsin.