Friday, May 29, 2009

Investigators: The Power of One - May 2009

Minnesota lawmakers have granted new rights for the tens of thousands of Minnesotans who require the help of a conservator or guardian. Over the last year and a half, the FOX 9 Investigators have shown you how powerful conservators and guardians are and how sometimes that power is abused. Now, there is help.

More than a dozen men and women drove from all over the state earlier this year when Gast was charged for lying under oath during a hearing for one of her many clients. Gast had testified she has a nursing and a business degree.

Investigators told the court she has neither. Gast eventually plead guilty to perjury and court officials say she is resigning from all her court appointed cases in Hennepin county.

Jean Krumpelmann of Shoreview said, “I trusted she was a nurse. We had many problems with her.”

The new law will require all guardians and conservators to register with the state and file a sworn statement outlining their education background and whether they have ever been removed for cause from serving as a conservator or guardian. They must also update their criminal history every year.

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Investigators: The Power of One - May 2009

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, I love it when a guardian is held accountable!

This is very encouraging!

Anonymous said...

Applause and standing ovation!

Thank you to FOX 9 Investigators for your courage, your efforts, hard work and success to get results by exposing how the guardianship system was unsuperivsed, unmonitored and not working in the best interest of the ward.

Without exposure, public outrage and pressure, the Minnesota lawmakers would not have taken a stand or appropriate actions to take control of the out of control system.

Sheila Gast is a real piece of work; she is a terrorist with court approval harming innocent people for how many years? How many cases? about it.

She has harmed many people under color of law and that is worse than a terrorist attack which results in harsh consequences for those who engaged in criminal behavior.

Sheila Gast is a beast, a poster beast for elder abuse and guardianship abuse. Gast is one of many; one down and _______________ to go?

Thank you NASGA for posting this good news.

Anonymous said...

Many victims have suffered at the hands of Sheila Gast. I am pleased that the Fox 9 Investigaors have stayed on the case and followed it for all these months.

MN surely owes Fox 9 a big "thank you".

As for Sheila Gast, I hope they lock her up and throw away the key.

Anonymous said...

Look at the list of articles on Sheila Gast.

Yes, thank you Fox for hanging in there and not letting go of the story. And thank you NASGA for following it so very closely.

The public is sick of the Sheila Gasts of the world.

Time to clean house!

Anonymous said...

Sheila Gast earned her place in a state cage.