Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seidlin Cleared in 2nd Probe

An investigation into the relationship between former Broward County Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin and an elderly woman who gave his family hundreds of thousands of dollars has been closed with no findings of wrongdoing.

The Department of Children & Families said it found no indications of exploitation or inadequate supervision. No other details were released.

Earlier this year, DCF launched a probe into Seidlin's relationship with 83-year-old Barbara Kasler. Kasler's family contended that Seidlin took advantage of her, taking the senior citizen for thousands of dollars while watching her health deteriorate.

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Ex-Broward Judge Larry Seidlin cleared in 2nd investigation

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Anonymous said...

If Barbara had gieven a large amount of money to the postman and the family complained --- and the case would have come before Judge Larry Seidlin, Seidlin would have thrown the book at him for exploitation of an elderly person. The media would have been all over it. And the postman would be packing for an extended trip to the big house.

But, Seidlin is a judge --- and he's in the club that protects their own.

Sad day for the citizens of FL.

Anonymous said...

The FBI needs to take a trip to FL. Actually a whole new dept. of FBI devoted to the crimes of the judicial system is needed. I'm sure they pay little to no taxes, etc. Tooo many judges & attys are nothing but criminals.

Anonymous said...

Yes, former Broward County Judge Larry Seidlin,
actions, were not fully investigated because no one had any intentions of getting justice for the victim, Barbara Kasler.

I guess it takes someone with courage and character to move forward prosecuting this case.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that Florida has many more elders ripe for legitimate abuse. Abuse sanctioned by the court. If it happens in court, it must be legal.

Anonymous said...

I hope the media keeps on Judge Larry Seidlin's case and doesn't let this drop.

The message has been sent -- it's ok for a judge to financially exploit an elderly person. It's ok for a judge to do practically anything.

They protect one another. Right and wrong has nothing to do with it.

kimhanhauser1 said...

The Judges and Attorneys are criminals...I'm so scared to get old after I see what's happening...
It makes me sick to think of our abused elderly..God help them...