Saturday, May 30, 2009

Judge Orders Private Conservator Be Replaced With Public Guardian

Judge William McLafferty ordered Patricia Rosen to the care of a public guardian despite her strenuous objections and those of her son, Brian Rosen.

The hearing grew testy at times, with McLafferty telling Brian Rosen he did not wish to hear from him any further and limited the hours Rosen could see her son.

In recent years, two private conservators quit Rosen’s service, citing irreconcilable differences with Brian Rosen, whom they’ve accused of relentless interference and obstruction. Two restraining orders were obtained against Brian Rosen; both were rescinded. Rosen has accused the conservators of attempting to loot his mother’s estate.

Patricia Rosen has argued that she does not need help from anyone anymore and that the cloudiness of thought that accompanied the car crash that claimed the life of her husband and then later was exacerbated by chemotherapy treatment for cancer has passed.

McLafferty insisted that she submit to another neuro-psychiatric evaluation. Results of previous tests yielded conflicting indications. When Rosen refused to take a third test, the judge ordered her private conservator to be replaced with a public guardian.

Full Article and Source:
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Anonymous said...

This is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS and a perfect example of how they take care of each other.

Judge William McLafferty should be thrown off the bench for this.

Anonymous said...

Patricia Rosen will never be free of the vultures.

Once they have you, they have you.

I hope Brian Rosen is filing a disciplinary complaint against Judge William McLafferty.

Anonymous said...

Patricia Rosen probably never needed a conservator. I wish this article explained more of why a conservtor got ahold of her in the first place instead of her son handling her affairs when she was injured.

Anonymous said...

Judge William McLafferty
is not fit to be on the bench.

Start investigating this PIG......scum like him have a history that needs to be uncovered and exposed.

Patricia Rosen is entitled to a new evaluation by her own medical practitioner who has a professional history and relationship with her and is the BEST
professional to evaluate her. The Guardian and Judge Billybong McLaffable
want to hire their OWN
professional evaluator which Rosen has to pay, who will work for them and their interests and not provide an unbiased assessment. The Guardian and the Billybong have a financial interests to keep Rosen under Guardianship

Anonymous said...

And this is why the "justice system" is a joke.

Judges sit on their thrones, adorned in black, and wielding unrelentless power. They must really enjoy pushing people around.

wisernow said...

Judge William McLafferty is the mob boss, Patricia Rosen has been turned into a product to fund the probate gang of thieves.

I feel so bad for Rosen's son, Brian Rosen. Brian is in shock, losing his father, then his mother to the probate pirates, I know how he feels, he can't believe this is happening to his mother who is battling cancer.

How sick is this? Leave the poor woman alone, you beasts!

I wonder if probate is smelling more money. Could there be a court action related to the auto accident that took her husbands life?

Could there be a settlement in the future?

Wake up America, this could be your story.

To: Brian Rosen - applause and standing ovation to you for standing up for your mother! We hear you.

Anonymous said...

Here's a flash of things to come --if the client doesn't cooperate with the attorney, just guardianize the client!

And, of course, it's easy because the judge will rubberstamp it.

Justice is extinct.

Judge William McLafferty is a disgrace.