Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Guardian and Ward

Many guardianship petitions are brought by well meaning people who are totally unaware of the ramifications of guardianship.

They usually have no idea that once a guardian has been appointed over a person, that person completely loses his/her liberty.

A guardian has enormous power over a person:

A guardian can decide where you live.

A guardian can sell your home without your permission and knowledge.

A guardian can change your will.

A guardian can charge fees, sometimes exorbitant.

A guardian can get a "commission" from your estate.

A guardian can decide how you will die.

The Ward has less rights than a death row inmate.


Anonymous said...

I agree that a guardian can change a Last Will & Testament - provided they don't get caught!

helensniece said...

Guardians have absolute authority power and control even over a person's last Will and Testament which will be re-written to ensure that the guardianship racket profits.

All of this is based on the "honor system".

I find this to be outrageous that anyone beyond 1st grade would want this for themselves.

Yet, this is good for society. These people who stuffed this guardianship system down our throats must be having a good laugh that they wrote these laws so their buddies could profit with court approval.

Thank you NASGA! for showing the world how this is done, article after article, and case after case.

Anonymous said...

Boiled down to the basics and well said. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The word "guardian" is a misnomer. People think "guard" -- protect, keep secure.

This defination shines a bright light on what guardianship really is.