Saturday, February 18, 2017

TX: Elderly Woman Swindled Out of Thousands by ALF Worker

An assisted living center worker is accused of taking money from an elderly client.

The crime started nearly six months ago, according to police.

Sandra Martinez
Police said the elderly victim relied on the suspect until she got her MasterCard statement back. An arrest warrant showed the victim had been taken for nearly $3,500.

San Antonio police said 42-year-old Sandra Martinez faces charges of credit card abuse of the elderly and exploitation of the elderly.

An arrest document said she swindled an 85-year-old woman out of thousands of dollars in one month.


Terry said...

Beware. If your elderly parents aren't sitting across the table from you, beware. Predators are everywhere.

Josh said...

Until we treat elder abuse with tough laws, horrible stories like this one are going to continue.