Thursday, July 4, 2019

Daughter fights to move mother from hospice

Attorneys are working to free an Alabama woman from hospice care and restore legal rights.

Life Legal Defense Foundation is working with Nancy Scott, daughter of Marian Leonard, who is attempting to take care of her mother in Birmingham.

Foundation spokesperson and attorney Alexandra Snyder tells OneNewsNow the mother had signed over power of attorney to the daughter.

“A court in Alabama had stripped her of those rights and has installed what is called a third-party guardian,” the attorney advises, “essentially a complete stranger.”

But Life Legal claims that was no indication Scott was anything but a good custodian for her mother, who is more than 100 years old, and now the mother has witnessed the legal guardian place Leonard in hospice care.  

“And this is a woman who is not terminally ill. She is elderly,” Snyder insists. 

Since being placed in hospice, Leonard has been heavily sedated and Snyder says Life Legal attorneys are working right now to have her transferred to a nursing home to receive appropriate care.

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Daughter fights to move mother from hospice

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