Saturday, September 19, 2009

CA Increases Fines for Elder Abuse

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a bill by state Sen. Jenny Oropeza, D-Long Beach, that increases elder abuse penalties.

When it takes effect Jan. 1, 2010, Senate Bill 18 will increase California fines from $6,000 to $10,000 for those found guilty of placing an elder or dependent adult in situations where great bodily harm or death is likely.

In addition, the new law will increase fines from $2,000 to $5,000 for those found guilty of placing an elder or dependent adult in dangerous situations not likely to cause death or serious bodily injury.

SB 18 is aimed at protecting those ages 65 and older. It does not change sentencing guidelines for elder abusers who are imprisoned for their actions.

"California's senior citizens and their families will rest easier knowing that my new law will help protect them from abuse," Oropeza said in a statement.

"Elder abuse for far too long has been a hidden, pervasive and deadly crime where out of 5 million recent cases, a shocking 84 percent went unreported."

Full Article and Source:
New Law Raises Elder Abuse Penalties


Anonymous said...

I hope this bill includes the word "guardian" when describing "those found guilty of placing an dangerous situations..."

Anonymous said...

This sounds good and I'm glad to see it.

Mike said...

What happened to the legislation specific to conservatorship reform that CA signed in 2006?

Nothing's been done with that. I'm glad to see this, but what about that?

Anonymous said...

It's a beginning. It needs to be expanded to include conservatorship abuse.

Anonymous said...

The increase is good - any increase in fines is good.

But the thing is "they" take so much more, that this increase won't hurt them much.

Betty said...

Is the fine designated to be paid to the person who was abused?

I hope so.

Anonymous said...

This is great if laws are followed rather than ignored.