Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lawyer Indicted on Charges of Felony Theft by Conversion

An Early County lawyer is indicted for stealing more than $100,000 from the trust fund of an incapacitated girl he was hired to protect.

44-year old Thomas Sasser the Third was indicted by the Early County grand jury Tuesday afternoon on charges of felony theft by conversion.

Prosecutors say Sasser was stealing money from the trust fund of 14 year old Ashley James who was burned in a murder attempt when she was three years old.

Dougherty D.A. Greg Edwards said "It was noticed by persons who were also involved with maintaining the child's welfare."

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Early County Lawyer Indicted


Anonymous said...

To: Attorney Thomas Sasser the Third

How low can a person, for God's sake a lawyer in a position of trust sink?

You set a new level for others in positions of trust to achieve.

StandUp said...

You said it perfectly, Anony.

Anonymous said...

Stealing from not just an incapacitated person but an incapacitated child?

There are no words to describe how filthy Thomas Sasser is.

Please follow this story and let us all celebrate when Sasser gets the book thrown at him.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to those who noticed the theft and reported the thief, Sasser.

At least Ashley James had some good people around her.

Anonymous said...

Some things in life are unforgivable - this is one.

Anonymous said...

I hope the judge handling this case takes everything away from Thomas Sasser and then sends him off to prison for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

This girl Ashley James is my sister. And David James is her daddy.Im so hurt by what this man has done to my little sister. I hope he rots in jail. And just to make a correction Ashley wasnt even a year old when the fire happened. and it was no attempted murder. If it was, why was there nobody arrested for it?For anybody that has any questions or comments please do not hestiant to call or email me at
or 678-368-1322. My name is Breanna James. This is my sister.... why would someone do something to someone so helpless?

Anonymous said...

This is Breanna James again... Just for one more correction Ashley is in the condition that she is in because the Augusta Ga hospital gave her the wrong medication. But she is doin much better...
Again for any questions or comments please contact me at 678-368-1322 or

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers to the victims of this crime.