Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Attorney Honored

Attorney Elise White was awarded the Citizen Meritorious Conduct Award by Tom Cassidy, Lincoln police chief.

White: “It began when I was contacted by Adult Protective Services. They had received a complaint from a woman’s extended family regarding abuse and neglect. They were worried because she was missing and they believed she was in Mexico."

With this type of case, White serves as both attorney and guardian for the person. White was on the case immediately. First she got herself appointed as conservator so she could freeze her client’s assets.

White flew to Mexico. White made contact with the American Embassy in Mexico City. A representative of the U.S. government flew to Mexico to go with them the next day.

They spent the night at a hotel using the time to arrange for travel back to the United States.

White got her client home. She placed her in a hotel for a week as the women’s house had not been lived in for three months and was not fit for occupancy. White was able to get her into an assisted living facility.

White said her client was exploited for approximately $70,000.

White’s practice specializes in the areas of family law and elder law. “There are people out there who will take advantage of the elderly. Watch out for elderly relatives.”

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Attorney honored for work in helping an elderly woman who had been taken out of the country


Anonymous said...

To someone who's never suffered guardianship abuse, this appears to be a heroic story.

But, there's another side. How much did the the attorney charge the Ward? And why did she get herself appointed as attorney and guarian/conservator? Seems it was to her advantage more than is shown in this article.

Anonymous said...

I say go out and have a hell of a time with our heard earned money - right now. No assets - no one wants anything to do with you and that in the end is a good thing.