Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Brando Wills

A fraud suit filed by the ex-wife of Marlon Brando's son Christian is the third attempt in the past 18 months to prove that the executors of Brando's $22 million estate illegally obtained their power through a forged codicil to his will.

Deborah Brando is following in the footsteps of the actor's former caregiver Angela Borlaza, who alleged the codicil is a forgery in suits filed in June 2006 and August 2007, but has so far failed to get a judge to address the merits of her allegations.

The original will appointed longtime Brando retainers JoAn Corrales and Alice Marchak to administer his estate. The codicil –- dated less than two weeks before his death in July 2004 -- replaced them with former Hollywood studio chief Mike Medavoy, accountant Larry Dressler, and Avra Douglas (a friend of Brando's daughter Rebecca).

Christian Brando, who died Jan. 26, never challenged the authenticity of the codicil himself. But Deborah Brando claims she has standing to sue the executors because he assigned his inheritance rights to her in February 2007 as part of the settlement of a domestic violence case she filed against him.

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Third Fraud Suit Alleges Brando Will A Fake

The girlfriend of Marlon Brando's oldest son filed a lawsuit asking that all assets of his estate be held in trust for her.

Leah Donna Geon filed her suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Anna Kashfi, an actress who was married to Christian Brando's father Marlon for several years in the 1950s.

Geon, who was Christian's companion over a four-year period and also goes by the name Donna Brando, alleges breach of a contract by Christian because he did not leave a will or trust in her favor.

Kashfi is the named defendant in the suit because she is the administrator of Christian Brando's estate.

She maintains Christian, who died last year of pneumonia at the age of 49, promised her that she would be provided for and receive all of his assets in the event of his death.

According to Geon's court papers, Christian did not have a relationship with his mother and had not seen or spoken to her for at least 25 years.

Geon's court papers also state that Kashfi, now 74, is believed to suffer from Alzheimer's disease.

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Girlfriend of Marlon Brando's deceased son files suit asking for son's assets


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I didn't realize there was a fight on the Brando fortune.

How very sad. And another feast for the attorneys.

Anonymous said...

This fight will never stop until anything this man had is taken by lawyers. In other words, no one gets nothing. I heard Chris Brando was actually broke when he died, so what is this dame suing his poor mother for?