Saturday, January 31, 2009

Seeking Whereabouts of Son

Enne Currie is praying for a just result at a mental health court hearing. A paralegal, Currie has filed numerous legal documents trying to force the system to abide by its own principles. Among these are a demand for information on the whereabouts of her son, Dirul Lewis, a Writ of Habeas Corpus, and various objections to the outrageous abuses being committed for profit or retaliation.

Lewis has been a mental patient for many years. Enne says that Dirul's doctors experimented on him with drugs known to cause lethal interactions, including Zyprexa and Loxapine. A recent combination of drugs given in the hospital drove Dirul into a temporary coma. This combination was one that Enne, as Dirul's conservator, had expressly objected to, but which the doctors administered anyway.

Despite over 17 years of attempts to get her son the best care possible, the mental health community continually failed Dirul. Currie even filed a lawsuit seeking to protect her son's rights and health, but the case was dismissed because she was representing Dirul on her own.

Dirul Lewis was moved by his captors in the mental institution to an undisclosed location, and Currie's conservatorship was cancelled. No hearing or reason was given. When Currie objected, she says she was ignored or dismissed with comments like "He's been in this system for a long time."

Full Article and Source:
Prayer for Relief: California Mother Seeks Whereabouts of Mental Patient Son


Anonymous said...

This is so sad and so typical. Nothing happens until something awful happens -- then everyone looks back and says they should have done better. Too late then.

Anonymous said...

There has to be records, for God's sake, allow her access.

Is the state claiming that he was dismissed on his own cognizance? That would be the only excuse for this abuse.

Where is his disability check going? That might be the first clue to the son's existence.

Anonymous said...


California's mental health system is under consent decree by the Department of Justice for just beating the crap out of mental patients just for fun, over medicating them, letting them die, having "psychiatrists" who don't know anything and can't even speak english, etc.

Why does the public keep funding these jerks- remember prop 63?? How stupid are they? Are they really that stupid or just hate those labelled mentally ill? I think I know the answer.

I wonder if she can get anybody's attention by sending her story to a major newspaper organization. For a person to JUST DISSAPEAR is bizzare. Let's see if they even print it.

Unknown said...

check out the Danny Tate case: