Friday, January 30, 2009

HB305 Adult Guardianship

HB 305 - Adult Guardianship
GENERAL BILL by Schwartz

Adult Guardianship: Creates "Uniform Adult Guardianship & Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act"; provides for applicability; provides for interstate communication & cooperation; provides duties of courts regarding appointing guardians or issuing protective orders; authorizes court to assess specified fees, costs, & expenses; provides requirements for proceedings conducted in more than one state; provides conditions for transfer of or acceptance of guardianship or conservatorship to or from another state; provides time limit on modification of guardianship or conservatorship; requires court to recognize guardianship & conservatorship orders from other states; provides for applicability of federal Electronic Signatures in Global & National Commerce Act.

Effective Date: July 1, 2009

Florida House of Representatives


Anonymous said...

Big business and probably the only money maker in the US.

Anonymous said...

It appears the UAGPP provides for even more ease in establishing guardianships. Cooperation between states? Probably a joint effort to share the pie -- but making sure there is pie to share.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Elaine Schwartz for supporting this outrageous bill. Having been involved as a guardian herself and having been sued by her client makes the case that those who will benefit from this bill are the ones that ABUSE the guardianship statutes. Down with Schwartz if she chooses to run for any public office in this state of Florida.

Anonymous said...

My mom and dad are going to get Adult Guardianship on me and i don't need it they just wont the money i get from from the (ST Of KY) and they have some docter that will let on like i need the Guardianship look i can hold a job and do all the stuff that all of you all can do but it will look like that i do not get a say so can you give me some info how to stop this or what.
My Emil is

Anonymous said...

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