Thursday, January 29, 2009

Granny Snatching Bill

North Dakota could become one of several states enacting a uniform law that’s designed to decrease legal battles across state lines among families of elderly or incapacitated persons — cases that often involve control of large estates or fortunes.

Senate Bill 2074 involves how courts will determine which state can appoint a guardian or conservator if there is a conflict and how such guardianships or conservatorships can be transferred from one state to another.

The AARP was among those testifying Monday in favor of the bill.

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More information:
Senat Bill No. 2074 (pdf)

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Anonymous said...

Certainly there are more and more granny-naps every day. It's interesting, tho, that the courts want to determine jurisdiction-- one wonders if the push to do so is because of the money involved and the courts want to be sure there's a clear idea of who gets what.