Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baker Guardianship Ends

Norman Baker is no longer under a court appointed guardianship. The case has been settled amicably and Mr. Baker is now living on his own.

A retired firefighter, Baker now 82, found himself under guardianship in 2005. The Free Press did an article on the case: "How An Unwanted Guardianship Cost a Firefighter his Freedom & His Fortune"

The Fairfield County Probate Court has now terminated the guardianship, restoring Mr. Baker to competency and allowing him to regain his freedom and independence after nearly four years.

Mr Baker had unsuccessfully challenged the validity of the guardianship in both the Fairfield County Probate Court and then in the Ohio Fifth District Court of Appeals. He had also filed with the Ohio Supreme Court an accusation that the Probate Judge assigned to his case was biased against him. That challenge was summarily dismissed by Chief Justice Thomas Moyer.

Full Article and Source:
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Anonymous said...

And, how much pain and what is the total amount $_____________.____ did this unlawful guardianship cost Mr. Baker?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news for Mr. Baker!

Congratulations and thank you to every one who helped him.

Anonymous said...

Great news for Mr. Baker. Another deplorable example of the corrupt Probate Court System and their STRANGER court appointed Guardianship cronyism. And why didn't Chief Justice Moyer rule against his fellow (CRONIE) Judge who is GUILTY of stripping Baker of ALL his rights, liberties and allow pilfering of his assets? Judges need to be held accountable!

Anonymous said...

You can bet that all those who took advantage of Mr. Baker haven't given a thought of reimbursing him. Nor does the court.

I am glad he's free. That's the most important thing.

But, he should be paid back every cent taken from him - plus a heft fine.