Sunday, January 25, 2009

Companionship Program

Elderly and incapacitated residents who have become wards of Probate Court often spend days alone, except for the professional visits from nursing home staff members or doctors.

Probate Judge Yvonne Rodriguez said they are often lonely and want little more than someone willing to spend some time with them.

She's hoping to help make her court's wards' lives better through a new companionship program.

Rodriguez: "We're asking for volunteers from the community who are willing to make a commitment of at least an hour a week or every two weeks to visit with my wards who have nobody to celebrate with, or to give them a card on their birthday, give them a candy cane on Christmas."

Wards of the court currently receive one annual visit from court volunteers through its court visitor program.

Rodriguez said she wanted to start the companionship program to increase the emotional and social support they receive.

She said there are up to 300 people in her court who could immediately benefit from the program.

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Companion program started for court wards


Anonymous said...

This article is document evidence against the guardian's worst dirty trick: isolation.

Anonymous said...

People need people or they die from broken hearts.

Anonymous said...

Our high schools would be a good source to give our teens something productive to do; colleges also as part of their course work.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see this happen in the NEW YORK STATE court where they delibertly isolate the ward.

Anonymous said...

How about letting in the family members they have been deprived of seeing!

Anonymous said...

There is NO excuse for people being forced to live like this - NONE!!

Prisoners who were convicted of breaking the laws have more opportunity for companionship than the wards of the court.

Anonymous said...

High schools would be a good source and it lays an old foundation that needs revitalized: that we take care of our elderly and are glad to to it.