Friday, January 30, 2009

Sheriff and Lieutenant Sued

Sheriff David Grice and Lt. Ronnie Bowles in the sheriff’s office and the county’s insurer have been sued by a Linwood man who alleges he was wrongfully arrested in 2007.

According to the civil suit filed in Davidson County Superior Court earlier this month, Robert G. Maynard gained legal guardianship of his daughter, Tiffany Maynard Speaks, “on account of her mental incompetence” on March 7, 2007.

Later that year, on Aug. 14, the lawsuit alleges Bowles “wrongfully arrested … Maynard, solely on account of (Maynard’s) explanation to (Bowles) that (Maynard) and his wife had guardianship of … Speaks and that nobody else had any right to have … Speaks in his company or subject to his control without the authorization of (Maynard) or his wife.”

Bowles arrested Maynard for “resisting and interfering with an officer,” according to the suit. His case was dismissed after being tried in Davidson County District Court in 2008. Maynard is suing for injuries and damages in excess of $10,000 and to recover punitive damages.

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Sheriff, lieutenant named defendants in lawsuit

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Anonymous said...

Oh this turns my stomache!

Bowles is right, tho. Sadly, guardianship is ownership.