Thursday, January 29, 2009

Big-Shot Guardianship Attorney

Big-shot guardianship attorney Steven Rondos was indicted on charges he stole more than $4 million from nearly two dozen incapacitated clients - including babies who were horribly crippled.

Rondos is accused of chiseling away at the loot so he could fancy up his $1.4 million home in Ridgewood, N.J. - landscaping, renovating his kitchen, and even installing his own home theater.

The scheme was so nefarious, it made Manhattan's gentlemanly district attorney, Robert Morgenthau swear - twice.

Rondos, 44, was the court-appointed guardian for 23 injured clients who'd received big payouts in medical malpractice lawsuits, clients who included cerebral palsy sufferers, frail seniors, and children injured at birth.

He should have been safeguarding their total $30 million in payouts, prosecutors said. After all, the money was supposed to provide for them and their medical needs for life.

In some instances, Rondos continued to steal money even after the victims had died.

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Anonymous said...

What will it take to make legislators and law enforcement realize that humans cannot be entrusted to safeguard another human's assets without oversight?

The system works and is profitable. It is tolerated, even facilitated until the ugliness surfaces. People should be enraged.

Anonymous said...

Guardianship rackets depends on honesty and one's character.

I think we have seen enough bad character driven by GREED to last 5 lifetimes.

When will our legislators: 1) wake up?
2) take off their blinders?
3) take out their ear plugs?
4) look in the mirror?

What will it take to get their attention?

Anonymous said...

Bet Rondos isn't feeling like such a big shot now!

Anonymous said...

word: Probate
definition: Shark Pool

Question: Who wins?
Answer: The sharks

Anonymous said...

This "Big-Shot Guardianship Attorney" should be sent to prison for a very long time. ALL his assets should be seized for his 'victims' restitution.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Big Shot deserves an extended visit in the big house.

This is a big story but yet you can bet it will soon be back to business as usual.

Anonymous said...

I believe that it is a practice of attorneys to plunder the estates of the incapacitated and infirm. This one just got caught.

Anonymous said...

You betcha! This is one of many who got caught. These sharks have their eyes on YOU! Are you ready?

Anonymous said...

The true test of one's character is a probate case. Haven't we seen enough examples of American character? Our country is being damaged every day due to .... love of money GREED!