Saturday, January 31, 2009

DA Relinquished Control

The district attorney's office officially relinquished control of the conservators office to the social services department at a board of supervisors meeting. It had run the agency since 2001, in the aftermath of dealing with the Mary Gray Marr scandal of the 1990s. Marr, a conservator hired in 1991, was found to have embezzled nearly $800,000 from clients who could no longer care for themselves, according to District Attorney Todd Riebe.

Riebe: "The sheriff's office investigated for dozens of victims. Some $1.2 million was missing."

The DA's office has managed the once-floundering conservatorship back to stability, but has itself been hamstrung in some of its prosecutions by the nature of its dual role.

County Administrative Officer Terry Daly: "The DA's office has a conflict of interest when a client of the conservatorship becomes a (defendant) for the district attorney."

Transferring the conservatorship to social services eliminates the conflict of interest and the resulting costs, officials agreed.

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County transfers conservator's office from auspices of the DA to social services

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Anonymous said...

I have never heard of this case - which sounds like yet another poster bad guardianship.

Look at all that money -- stolen without an ounce of remorse.