Monday, January 26, 2009

Federal Suit Against CPS

Fresno County's Child Protective Services is facing a civil suit in federal court stemming from a case back in 2004. The suit claims a little girl was severely beaten by a woman that CPS helped establish as the girl's legal guardian, despite knowing the woman, Bertha Gonzales , had a history of abuse against her own children.

The little girl was beaten and suffered a broken leg, and then sustained another beating that left her with brain damage. Gonzales has since gone to prison for the beatings.

KSEE 24 News did not get a response from CPS when asked about the case.

Full Article and Source:
CPS faces lawsuit in another child abuse case

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Anonymous said...

CA should follow the lead of AZ in your earlier story!

Anonymous said...

Good. They probably felt like enough time had gone by that the case wasn't going to be an issue. I am glad it is.