Saturday, January 31, 2009

Guardian and Realtors Sued

A lawsuit claims that three adults placed under county guardianship were taken advantage of in questionable real estate deals.

Kenosha Human Development Services (KHDS) and employee guardian Jessica Cortez are named in the suit, along with Century 21 Savaglio & Cape Realty owner Frederick “Fritz” Cape, and real estate agents Charity Chiappetta and Sean Rosenmarkel. Two insurance companies also are named.

The alleged impropriety came to light after six lawyers, serving as legal guardians and advocate counsel, got notice of home sales involving their wards.

The suit alleges that Cortez conspired with Savaglio & Cape agents to fraudulently sell the homes of Rachel Anderson, Evelyn Crump and Steven Weston.

The homes reportedly were sold for between $20,000 and $32,000 under their assessed values, in one case within 24 hours of being listed for sale. At least one of the wards was in assisted living and set to return home when her house was sold.

The KHDS lawsuit also claims Cortez was negligent for disposing of the wards’ possessions without trying to sell them.

Negligence also is claimed against Chiappetta and her employer, and against KHDS for improperly training and supervising Cortez.

The suit seeks punitive damages, as well as double the value of the three properties, which is the state limit for real estate fraud liability.

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Trial date set in real estate fraud case


Anonymous said...

This is a good one to watch - thank you for posting it.

Anonymous said...

If only everybody had the finances to sue guardians for their bad deeds.

But they make sure the ward and ward's family don't have the means in almost every case.

Anonymous said...

This is happening every single day. These perps got caught. Guess what? There are more cases, so dig, dig and keep digging. Throw them in prison and let the scum rot.

Anonymous said...

Guardians in Nevada family court destroyed my father & his $10-40 million estate also. Despite efforts to file complaints & notify authorities, court personnel never had accountability for their acts.
Extend `grand jury' rights to civil justice sector & be given the same rights as the criminal `grand jury'. Allow the public to present testimony & evidence to credible groups (Ex.Community & watchdog groups,etc.) These groups of laypeople would be able to allow indictments of criminals from -us denied justice.