Friday, January 30, 2009

Reforming Judicial Discipline Commission

After a tumultuous year in which the alleged misdeeds of two judges attracted national attention, the Nevada Supreme Court is entertaining suggestions for changes to the rules, regulations and practices of the Judicial Discipline Commission.

A special committee set up to review all aspects of the state’s court system, known as the Article 6 Commission, held a public hearing Jan. 15 on the system for filing complaints against judges and heard comments on changes recommended by a subcommittee established to study reforms.

No action was taken on the report or other Article 6 Commission business because not enough members showed up to reach a quorum.

Among the most pressing recommendations from the subcommittee were calls for increased transparency in the process and quicker disposition of cases handled by the commission.

Full Article and Source:
Changes to judicial discipline process studied


Anonymous said...

The interesting issue to address reform is who is on the committee and sub committees and how did they get there?

Anonymous said...

The idea is good, of course.

But is it simply lip service? There's entirely too much of that going on.